Episode 16 – Alessandro Moreschi and the Blessed Knife

This episode begins (just about) and ends (indeed) with recordings of Alessandro Moreschi – AKA the Angel of Rome – AKA the Last Castrato. His recordings are the only surviving sounds of a tradition of castrated male singers that lasted over 350 years, and mutilated countless thousands of innocent children in the process. We chart the rise and fall of the castrato voice, and along the way we encounter: Casanova, Teresa Lanti, Farinelli, Luigi Marchesi and more.

2 Responses to “Episode 16 – Alessandro Moreschi and the Blessed Knife

  • Hi Ramsey,
    I just came across your podcast yesterday and binge listened to the first five chapters. I’m really enjoying it. Having just finished a PhD, I recognised it as probably the result of PhD study, for me personally, its at a perfect balance of listenability and academic interest. By chance, I came across the an Irish Times article for the lecture you mention in Episode 5 just yesterday as I was trying to research the history of the gramophone in Ireland. Anyway, I saw there weren’t a lot of comments, and thought I’d let you know how much I enjoyed it.

  • Just discovered this podcast series. Fascinating stuff. Has me hooked.

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